Sofielec AC & DC Din impulse relay, mini mechanical relay

Time: 2019-07-24
Summary: Zero energy consumption mechanical Din relay
AC,DC mechanical Din relay, new design patent protection, CB approved, dual stalbe status, hot selling in France, smart lighting control, latching relay, impulse relay, step relay.1P,2P,4P. with 8NO, 4NO+4NC, 4NC, 4CO.min voltage can be made AC12V, DC6V.
Impulse relays are used: 1,Closing of the impulse relay pole(s) is triggered by an impulse on the coil. 2,Having two stable mechanical positions, the pole(s) will be opened by the next impulse. Each impulse received by the coil reverses the position of the pole(s). 3,Can be controlled by an unlimited number of pushbuttons. 4,Zero energy consumption.

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