The 16th china-asean expo has yielded fruitful results

Time: 2019-09-27
Summary: The 16th china-asean expo has yielded fruitful results
   The days and months fly by. East China expo has been successfully held for 15 sessions since 2004. After 15 years of development, asean expo has grown into the most popular exhibition in china-asean free trade area with the highest degree of participation of asean enterprises.
   On September 24, the 16th china-asean expo and china-asean business and investment summit closed in nanning, guangxi zhuang autonomous region.
   The expo has promoted the construction of an upgraded version of china-asean free trade area and deepened economic and trade cooperation under the framework of "One Belt And One Road".
With the continuous expansion of participation and influence, asean will promote the construction of an upgraded version of china-asean free trade area.
   Sublimating the economic and trade cooperation under the framework of "One Belt And One Road" will play an increasingly important role.
   In the three days of the exhibition time, many customers feel great interest in our products, clinch a deal the sample order, more understanding of our company, and we exchange WeChat, and some good will come to visit our company in October, further understand Sofielec, tell us the sample after a successful trial later there will be a long-term cooperation of a large number of orders.
   Every exhibition, every time is full of harvest. Produce the best products, provide the best service,
Sofielec keeps climbing and surmounting in his pursuit of branding.
   During the closing period on 20th, we also went to a beautiful scenic spot as warm as spring, which is the famous scenic spot of nanning -- qingxiu mountain.
   There is an old Chinese saying: "the mountain is not high with a fairy name, water is not deep with dragon spirit." Local people in nanning describe qingxiu mountain with a similar sentence: "the mountain is not high and beautiful, the water is not deep and clear." Therefore, the style and characteristics of qingxiu mountain can be reflected from its name, "beautiful scenery" is very beautiful.
   Qingxiu mountain is also known as qingshan, tai qingling by the local people, because the trees are green, beautiful and named. The guide girl told us that mount qingxiu is beautiful all year round. She said:
"We have a saying in nanning: flowers do not spring and often put, the grass through winter but not dry. 'flowers do not bloom in spring' means that flowers do not have to bloom in spring,
We have flowers here all year round;
'grass does not dry up after winter' means that grass will not dry up even after winter. If you ask me when I am most beautiful, I am always the most beautiful."
   Miss guide is right, originally nanning city area trees are very much, into the qingxiu mountain, the trees are dense. Mount qingxiu is composed of 18 large and small mountains such as mount qingshan and mount fenghuang, with a total area of about 4 square kilometers. As early as the sui and tang dynasties, qingxiu mountain has been a summer resort in this area.
   Sincere thanks to all friends, old and new, thank you for your support and help. Sofielec's products are more and more recognized in the market due to the trust and dependence of customers. Sofielec will definitely live up to your trust. He will continue to make efforts in product development and manufacturing to provide you with better products.

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