Sofielec mass production MCB SFM65-63, reliable quality factory MCB 63A, SEMKO,CB,CE approval

Time: 2019-11-22
Summary: Fine and unique appearance,advanced design Short-circuit and overload dual-protection performance High-breaking capacity (6KA) that is leading among the world similar products Mechanical life:4000 times Convenient and reliable installation

Construction and Feature

■ Fine and unique appearance,advanced design

■ Short-circuit and overload dual-protection performance

■ High-breaking capacity (6KA) that is leading among the world similar products

■ Mechanical life:4000 times

■ Convenient and reliable installation

Technical Data

■ Model SFM65-63

■ Pole No.: 1P, 1P+N, 2P, 3P. 3P+N, 4P

■ Rated current(A):123461016202532405063

■ Rated voltage AC 230, 230/400. 400

■ Rated Frequency 50/60HZ

■ Tripping curve B, C. D

■ Rated short-circuit capacity (Icn) :6000A

■ Mechanical life 20000 times

■ Contact position indication window

■ Degree of protection IP20

■ Connection terminahPillar terminal with clamp

■ Connection conductor up to and including 16mm

■ Terminal Connection Height:H1=19.5mm,H2=21.5mm

■ lnstallation:DIN-rail mounting

Overall installation Dimensions

Characteristic Curve

Wiring Diagram

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