ZHRA3 Motor Protector relay
ZHRA3 Motor Protector relay

Item specifics

Rated control supply voltage
AC/DC100V~240V AC380V. AC220V. 50Hz/60Hz
Contact capacity
Ith:5A;AC-15;Ue/Ie 380V/0.95A 240V/1.5A
Setting mode
Button setting
IP Class
Use category
Start time
2s~ 120s adjustable
Tripping class
tripping class(5,10,10A.20.30)
Overload, current unbalance, phase loss, temperature
Current unbalance rate
40%~ 90% adjustable
Manfame panel inslation tansomer panel isalatioii by screw orail

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Used in air conditioning units, elevator machine room, pumps, fans and other motor control applications, as protection  of  over-voltage,  under  voltage, phase failure, phase sequence and phase unbalance. When the power  supply is abnormal, turn off power supply to protect the equipment.


      Built-in microcontroller, installed in a cabinet or 1/4 drawer unit. Currentmeasurement accuracy ≤ 2%, button setting, LCD backlit display current, faultstatus. 5 optional adjustable overload characteristic. With 1-set changeover and1-set auxiliary NO contacts. Enable star-delta and  auto  buck starts.Optional 4mA~ 20mA analog output and RS485 communication interface,support Modbus protocol, available network communication.

Wiring Diagram