UC4 wired door bell Non-Sparking Electric Bell

Group Bell and bell transformer
Min. Order 1 piece
Terms of Payment all
Update Time 2019-11-19
Item specifics
Product sizediameter 55,75,100,150,200,250,300MM
Available colorsilver
Power modewired
Working voltageAC220V, can be customized
Product Name: Non-Sparking Electric Bell
Product size
diameter 55,75,100,150,200,250,300MM
Available color
Power mode
Working voltage
AC220V, can be customized
Scope of application:
This product is non-sparking electric bell, stainless steel, suitable for industrial and mining
enterprises, government organizations, public places schools and equipment supporting AC 50HZ,
voltage to 220V or less in the circuit, for calling or notification signals, in addition to the family
doorbell , alarms, etc. are used.
Normal working conditions:
1. The altitude does not exceed 2000 meters
2. The humidity of the surrounding medium is not higher than +40 degrees and not lower than
-25 degrees. The relative temperature of air is not more than 90% (when the temperature is +25
3. It is used in an environment where there is no flammable or corrosive gas or conductive dust in the surrounding air without significant shaking and shock vibration.
4. It can work normally when the rated voltage is ±10%, and the continuous operation is no more
than 10 minutes.
5. The pollution level is 2, and the installation category is Class II.
Product Features:


1. pure copper coil, stable operation is not easy to burn. It adopts pure copper electromagnetic
coil, which has the characteristics of discontinuity, no electromagnetic interference, strong
tapping, stable operation and long service life.
2. Hard metal case, loud sound. Sprayed iron cover, hard material, not easy to be deformed, the
sound of tapping is loud, and the transmission is farther and safer.
3. Surface plating treatment, anti-corrosion and anti-rust, nickel-plated surface, make the
material more anti-corrosive, not easy to rust and corrosion, use longer.
4. Portable wired power supply installation, product installation is convenient and fast, can be
wall mounted, ceiling and other installation methods, can be customized according to